Nuru Massage

One of the latest sensual massages to spread rapidly throughout the UK is the Nuru Massage.

Soft Touch Bodyworks were in the ideal position to offer this type of massage when its popularity soared recently.

With already having the purpose built soap suds room, the transition to the Nuru Massage was a very simple one as the only extra thing that was required was the Nuru Gel.

As soon as this was sourced, Soft Touch Bodyworks were among the first in the country to offer this type of very sensual and sexy massage.

A Nuru Massage, also called Body Slide is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means “slippery”, but it is believed it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called “Nori”. The nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when you apply it to your skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage.
The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed (Nori) and is transparent, tasteless, odourless, extremely slippery and smooth. The gel is cool when applied to the skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse/masseur rubs the body of the client with the nuru gel and slides on it for a sensual body to body massage.


Due to extra cost of the gel, there is a small premium to be charged on top on top of our usual soap-suds massage prices of £15 to cover the extra cost of the gel.

For a general guide to how a Nuru Massage will be performed, please visit our
Soap Suds” page.

The Nuru and Soap Suds are performed almost exactly the same, however, the Nuru Massage uses Nuru gel in place of the soapy bubbles.

Although many massage parlours in the UK are now offering Nuru Massage services,we believe we are the only parlour with the ideal purpose built room to be able to perform the ultimate Nuru Massage experience