Corona Virus


Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) we would like to assure our customers that we are taking extra reasonable and practical steps to help towards tackling, preventing & reducing the risk of transmission.

Due to the virus all MOUTH TO MOUTH services are BANNED !
We are aware that many will be disappointed at this, but we are sure you all understand why this decision has been made due to the high risk involved.

Whilst we have always prided ourselves on having much more rigorous hygiene practices than other massage parlours by ensuring all bed linen is changed after every client and the room cleaned during the current COVID19 pandemic we not only continue with these but shall be taking further actions.

Please be aware and understand that due to the Corona virus pandemic we reserve the right to refuse entry to any customers showing signs or symptoms of Covid-19. Also please be aware that any ladies showing such signs will also not be allowed to work.

These premises are regularly cleaned as a general rule, obvious hotspots such as door handles, toilets, light switches, handrails and items within the rooms will all be cleaned at the beginning of each day and also receive extra cleaning throughout the day in an effort to reduce any risk.

All visitors, including staff are REQUIRED to use the hand sanitiser provided upon arrival. Failure to do so will result in refusal of entry,

We have always provided shower facilities for customers to use both before and after a massage. This is now a REQUIREMENT ! All customers MUST shower properly before a massage. Fresh clean towels are provided and will be laundered using ANTIBACTERIAL ashing powder between each customer.

All staff members have been advised to wash their hands frequently, using anti-bacterial soaps & hot water. The appropriate time to wash hands should be a minimum of 25 seconds (an easy way to remember this is it is the time taken to sing the happy birthday song twice ).

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus transmitted in the same ways as a common cold would be via sneezing, coughing & direct skin contact or via object such as door handles (hence why regularly washing or sanitising hands is so important to prevent the spread).

We are happy to report that to date there have been no reported cases for individuals working or coming into contact with our staff or within our business and family members. We have are all taking measures both at work and at home to ensure this continues to be the case.

All staff members have been advised to drink water regularly to ensure their mouth & throat are not dry at any given moment, this will help to wash any bacteria in the mouth down to the stomach quicker where the acids inside the stomach can kill it. Staff have also been advised to use antibacterial mouthwash as an additional preventative measure

All staff members have been advised that when coughing or sneezing to do so into a flexed elbow or tissue & not directly into the naked hand and dispose of the tissue down the nearest toilet and thoroughly wash their hands after. They have also been advised that should they do so into their elbow that this is also sprayed with antibacterial/sanitising spray.

We will continue to work to these standards for the foreseeable future and continue to monitor the way in which we work to minimise all risks of transmission.

Whilst this industry always has and always will have certain risks attached to it we have always tried to do our best to act and advise in an effort to reduce this risk as mush as possible. We now ask that all customers also look at their own hygiene practices to assist us in our endeavour.

Assuring you all of our commitment to staff and customer safety at this time.

Soft Touch Bodyworks